We don’t just move products;
we help you take your business to the next

  • ? The most knowledgeable and dedicated sales reps in the industry
  • ? We’ll tell you what’s selling and buy back what’s not
  • ? An in-depth view of every market nationwide
  • ? Extensive private-label sourcing capabilities
  • ? Plan-o-grams for new stores, remodeled stores, and resets
  • ? Weekly Deliveries and 98% fill rate
  • ? Simplify challenges with one phone call

Experienced Sales Reps

“The sales reps at PrimeSource go beyond the call of duty to be a valuable partner.”
Sales reps at Primesource are the first line of contact for everything you need. We know your market, because we work in it every day. We can solve your challenges, because we can make the most of Primesource’s vast resources. Tell us your goals for the future, and we’ll help you get there.

Market Intelligence

“Primesource knows your local market because we serve every market.”
Primesource has 34 distribution centers throughout the country, and experienced professionals in every market we serve. We know what’s selling and what’s not. Which companies are growing and which are cutting back. When you’re aiming to compete better locally, regionally, or nationally, you can count on us.

Category Management

“Every square foot of your retail space can be maximized for profit.”
Count on our category knowledge to make sure your product keeps moving out the door. We can advise on space allocation and product allocation, and create plan-o-grams. We’ll also help you plan promotions, ensure price diversity, and in-depth employee training in a category. We even buy back product that isn’t selling, so you can replace it with what is.

Inventory Management

“We make sure our customers have the right products to meet demand.”
We have a broad view of the market, insights on what’s going to sell and how much to charge, and Distribution Centers that serve the needs of your region. We can deliver weekly, or an even greater frequency then that. Our fill rate is 98%, and in the case of emergencies, call your sales rep. They will go beyond the call of duty for you.

Plan-o-grams & Resets

“We’ll show you how to plan out your retail space to meet customer demand effectively.”
Whether you’re looking to optimize your store, remodel it, or open a brand-new store, our specialists can help. We can create plan-o-grams of your store shelves to improve your customer’s retail experience and your results. We can also monitor your sales and inventory, buy back what isn’t selling, and replace it with in-demand products.

Purchasing Management

“Count on us to simplify and streamline your purchasing for greater efficiency.”
Buying multiple products from multiple distributors creates more work for you. More orders to make, invoices to process, and deliveries to unload. Our specialists can write your weekly order and advise on the purchasing process. You’ll get the product you need with less effort.

Vendor Management

“If you’re having an issue with orders, there’s only one phone number you need. Ours.”
When you’re dealing with a problem, you don’t want to be scrambling for a solution. Call one of our specialists, and we can coordinate with multiple distribution centers to streamline the response. You can also streamline your sourcing and payments by consolidating with our specialists.

Private Label Brands

“My customers like seeing their company name on a product they can sell with confidence.”
Let us help you source your private label brand. We’ll optimize your purchasing process by negotiating buying in container quantities. You can rely on our quality control at the source and the destination. Overseas, we have operation teams that will inspect quality, materials, purchase orders, and packaging. When the product arrives in the US, our quality control lab in Los Angeles will inspect one box…

Builder Services

“We can help builders and architects choose the right materials for their projects.”
Our experienced sales reps have good relationships with builders and architectural firms. We can meet with them, view their project plans, and create materials lists and orders. This helps everyone from manufacturers and vendors to builders and architects achieve better results.

Product Testing

“We often give our customers new products and tools to see how they work in the market.”
Our customers are on the front lines every day. So there’s no better way to test new products then by putting them in their hands. If the new product line works well, we’ll put in an order for you. If it doesn’t, we’ll take it back and replace it with something better.